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23 Feb


  • Where Did Our Love Go
  • First number one hit for the Supremes
  • First 1964 song I covered in 2014
  • Written by Holland-Dozier-Holland
  • More 64′ songs coming very soon


Elk and Boar

2 Feb

Elk and Boar has a new blog site and lots of cool things upcoming up.  Click the link and come visit!

Peyton Dance

19 Dec

I am not very sporty. I am afraid of the ball unless I am in a backyard setting with a person I really trust. Uncle Kenny use to have us run football patterns and we played whiffle ball at family parties, but I can’t say I’ve ever been regarded as an asset on any team. That’s why it’s so amusing to me that all my crowning achievements are sport related.

My brilliant and hilarious uncle -Kenny Mayne Рworks for ESPN. Recently I have had the pleasure of making musical contributions to Mayne Event. Last week my son James and I recorded a song about male bonding and biking. It turned out nice. This week Peyton Dance aired featuring SNOOP DOGG! I provided the track and vocals. John Legend and a gorgeous gospel choir do thier renditions of the song. Famous people do the dance. This really happened?!

Kirsten Wenlock

22 Nov

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.

Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams