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room to start

18 Feb

Elk and Boar will be completing a full length CD titled room to start just in time for SXSW. We are busy recording with the very brilliant Luke Stevens in the Cottage Studio conveniently located in my backyard. To celebrate I made this video for room to start. Dee gave me gold… hundreds of amazing pictures to work with and Travis contributed lots of creative ideas and then delivered a truly powerful performance. Thanks to Elizabeth Greeleaf and Jenaya Crane for help with wardrobe and Deeds and Petunia for the hair decor. We had so much fun. Hope you enjoy!


new song

11 Feb

It has been awhile since I’ve recorded something in my attic and it’s a good thing for me to do… even if it’s not all I want it to be. This song has been haunting me for some months and I was afraid I wouldn’t finish it… then important words came and the fear left! Here it is, all young and born.

f o g

look at us

we are the family of God

all of us

none of us

in these uncomfortable clothes

are here cause we chose

some of us

black sheep and shepherd-less

wounded and suffering alone

all of us faith in our fingernails

better for love we’ve known

look at us

finally falling apart

keep me out

from May to May

I’m stretched out like linen,

like salt water taffy days

I’m owning up

I won’t forget that the end is a place I can start

you’re playing dead

well I’ll make amends

with your pretend ghost in my heart

look at us

we the family of God

broken up, saving face

you don’t come to dinner

I know that I scare you away

it isn’t right

as it is in heaven

there’s room for us all in the choir

there you are

well I’ll be around

weighing down the wires

look at us

we are the family of God

Elk and Boar

2 Feb

Elk and Boar has a new blog site and lots of cool things upcoming up.  Click the link and come visit!